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down_section's Journal

Stories of the Lost Immediate
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The Lost Immediate opened its doors two years ago at ten A.M., with a free round of drinks. If that's too early to start drinking, maybe you should try another bar. This guy is the bartender and owner, a Caucasus veteran, Jim "Two Eyes" Monson. As you can see, his nickname is accurate.

"Stories of the Lost Immediate" is an old-school cyberpunk RP, about hustlers and what they need to do to make it work. Random short posts are good, we like them. If you're a player, you got to post at least once a month or we draw mustaches on your character portrait. That's right, more than one!

Always contact people, like on IRC [azaphrael.org, #waitility], before any major interaction with their characters. If you aren't a player, or if you haven't posted for a month, this rule won't protect you any more. So watch out. (This is why you should become a player, if you aren't already.)