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[Aug. 6th, 2006|04:08 am]
Stories of the Lost Immediate


[Location |Just drunk enough]
[Voice |Jeff Bleeding]

First, punk is dead. It died with Joe Strummer and Joey Ramone, way back at the beginning of the bloody century -- and they were old and rich, so maybe that's being charitable. Sure, you still hear about punk being around, showing up places, but you also hear that about Elvis Presley. And no one in our generation ever met Elvis, or went to a punk show.

Second, and this is related, we've taken everything out of the word, just totally pulped it. It's like when you say something over and over again, and then finally you're going, "What the hell am I saying? How can this ridiculous noise possibly carry meaning?" That is what our whole culture has done with punk. Nobody can say it without being totally self-conscious and pretentious about it, and pretentious punk aside from being properly an oxymoron is basically worse than no music at all. Sorry for any Grey Tide fans.

Third, let's assume that it was still possible to be a punker, old-school, got it right, yeah, rusty safety pins and all. In that case, the last place you'll ever pull it off would be Down. See, punk before it died was all about how you were nothing in particular; how you were just what and where you were, without anything getting in the way like actually being able to play your guitar. Basic human condition stuff. But nobody in Down is just there, with nothing better to do than beat out some approximate rhythms and shout at maybe twenty of your friends who've got nothing better to do themselves than to come down and watch you make an idiot of yourself. Even the people who were born here.

We're all here because we want something.

So don't try to link me to any Down punk movement, and especially don't accuse me of having started one, because I have a healthy respect for the dead and I'm also just really sick of getting that inaccurate allegation from every bozo who can't think of a better substitute for intelligent conversation, or, worse, informed journalism. Besides, I mostly play classical these days.

From: _quinn
2006-08-08 06:28 am (UTC)


I love the random not-quite-slice-of-lifiness. Maybe Down works better that way?
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